This page describes the basic requirements that you must follow while using this website. In cases where this file uses the expressions "we," "www.freem3uhd.blogspot.com/", it depicts the owners, moderators, and moderators who created, created and directed this webpage (www.freem3uhd.blogspot.com). Sometimes the expressions "you" or "customers" are displayed correctly. Now, you must be clearly aware that this means that customers are browsing the website. The expression "www.freem3uhd.blogspot.com" blatantly distinguishes, we do not have registrations, communication channels or discussion on this site. All registrations and channels on our website are easy to use and open online on websites, for example, Ilive.To, Hqcast.Info, Justin.Television, Ustream.Tv, Selfcast, etc. We do not provide any guarantee in our management nor expect any legal liability for the activities of our clients. We are not affiliated with or guaranteed to be associated with any of the video / distribution owners on our web page. All materials are copyright in their separate owners. We ask all copyright owners to understand that today's communications specify somewhere else on the web. The rooted connection shows the video area on the web. It would be ideal if any copyright infringement issues of the agencies that have these documents are addressed (Justin.Television, Ustream.Tv, Freedocast, etc.). For the exit risk that you need despite everything to contact us, send us an email at ouaadahicham3@gmail.Com. This document contains the terms of use for this online website.

1. Liabilities

1.1 Although all considerations are taken into account in the readiness of the website, you understand that it is not actually possible to manage a web page free from all distortions and we do not make any guarantees regarding the continued activity of the website.

1.2 You understand that the statistics provided to us were provided by a third party, and for this reason, we cannot be held responsible for these records. We fully welcome crafting via strangers and are not dependent on recognition of their endeavors.

1.3- The material on the site aims to comply with Roman law and we cannot be held responsible for any rebellion near the laws in some different areas.

2. Links to and from this website

The Website may also include links to websites operated by third parties. We do not tamper with these sites and you understand that we have no obligation regarding their content.

3. Use of Information

The records on this site are not the property of anyone. Right now, responsibility for what you do with these facts cannot be held and can be redistributed with the consent of the unique creators.

All IPTV joins that are shared on the website are not made or facilitated by us, but rather from external servers on the Internet, which we have no control over.

We do not expect any liability for documents and servers by others. It is your responsibility as the copyright holder.

We do not have records or channels for direct dialogue or dialogue on this site. All materials are copyright of their separate owners. We ask all copyright owners to understand that appropriately received communications are now elsewhere on the web.

If you notice something irregular or some copyright abuse please contact us.

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